Roy Zu-Arets - creating music

Creating Music

Roy Zu-Arets - hands on piano

Hands On

Roy Zu-Arets - music makes me happy

Full with Joy

Roy Zu-Arets - First Album at age 12

Debut album at age 12

Roy Zu-Arets - Salut the Shmaltz

"Salute the Shmaltz" - First place award at Talma Yalin high school music festival

Roy Zu-Arets - Taking Back Sunday-Where you want to be-Gold Album

Taking Back Sunday, "Where You Want To Be". Gold Certificate. Role: String Arrangement, Piano, Keyboard & Conducting

Roy Zu-Arets - YaYehudim Gold Album

HaYehudim "Metziut Nifredet". Gold Certificate. Role: Music Production, Piano

Roy Zu-Arets-LA Community Marks Gilad Shalit 23rd Birthday

Performing at the Gilad Shalit 23rd Birthday, 4th in Captivity event in Los Angeles